Sandwich Artist: The Musical - Development Season

 Written by Phoebe Caldeiro and Jack McGee
Directed by Emma Katene

Sandwich Artist tells the story of Sammy, a young culinary prodigy with dreams of becoming the best sandwich artist in Aotearoa. After getting fired from her simple “sandwich making” job, Sammy sets off to Wellington to take her culinary skills from sandwich maker, to sandwich artist. 

With some delightful friends made along the way, including Cam the carrot farmer and Barb the butcher; Sammy will learn the importance of passion, creation and friendship as they endeavour to make Aotearoa’s best sandwich ever.


Musical Numbers

Lyrics by Jack McGee and Phoebe Caldeiro
Music by Phoebe Caldeiro

1. Take me There - Sammy and Ensemble
2. The Perfect Sandwich - Sammy and Bus Driver
3. The Last of my Carrots - Cam and Sammy
4. Wellington! - Ensemble
5. The Pitch: Take One - SNZ Executive, Sammy and Cam
6. Kill your Darlings - Barb and Sammy
7. The Pitch: Take Two - Ensemble
8. Sandwich Artists - Sammy
9.  A really great Sandwich - Sammy and Ensemble

Creative Team

Sammy - Phoebe Caldeiro
Cam - Catherine Gavigan-Binnie
Barb - Anna Barker
Cousin Brad - Dylan Hutton
Bus Drive/SNZ Executive - Julia Bon-McDonald
Mr. McGee - Ben Kelly
Mr. Kelly - Jack McGee
Mayor of Melbourne - Angela Pelham

Director - Emma Katene
Writers - Jack McGee and Phoebe Caldeiro
Composer - Phoebe Caldeiro
Recording and Post-Production - Ben Kelly
Set and Lighting Design - Kate Anderson
Operator - Kate Anderson
Choreography - Emma Katene
Producer - Jack McGee
Stage Manager - Angela Pelham
Publicity and Marketing - Abby Lyons
Poster Design - 45 Design
Sound Support - Matt Asunder