Who Are We?


Squash Co. Arts Collective is a good old-fashioned theatre troupe where everyone works together to create great shows. While its members each have their own specializations and preferred positions, the company works on a rotating model, in which the roles change depending on the production. Ben Kelly, for example, did the music for Cuffs, Stockings, and Two Smoking Barrels, directed Music Sounds Better Out Here, and acted in The Adults are Talking.

Inspired by companies like Indian Ink, Squash Co. is dedicated to creating original shows, and fighting to get them in front of as many people as possible. Founded in 2021 by Jack McGee, Anna Barker, Esteban Jaramillo, Felipe George, Finlay Langelaan and Ben Kelly. After creating theatre together at Victoria University, we founded the company to continue to create work together.

Our Kaupapa is tied heavily to ambition. The goal of every Squash Co. show is to make the audience say “Holy shit, they actually pulled it off.” Be it having a live jazz band score a show, delivering a play while walking on a treadmill, or hand-making a table that sits 30 people, Squash Co. is always looking to stretch our budget to the absolute limit.

Alongside our core creative team, we have great working relationships with some of the best and brightest emerging (and emerged) artists in Wellington. We’re BATS Theatre babies, avid readers of Art Murmurs, and are open to any form of donation or sponsorship, for any show, at any time.

We’ll see you at the theatre, then out on the Squash Court,

Squash Co. xoxo

Squash Co. is:

Anna Barker
Ben Kelly
Esteban Jaramillo
Jack McGee
Phoebe Caldeiro