Jack McGee

Jack McGee (he/him) currently has the least hair of any Squash Co. member. While power dynamics will shift once Ben’s male pattern baldness fully sets in, McGee’s chrome-dome has him currently placed at the bottom of the pecking order. It is not uncommon to find him furiously over-compensating.

With a Masters of Arts in Scriptwriting from the International Institute of Modern Letters, McGee’s time tends to be spent at his desk, frantically coming up with darlings for the rest of the team to kill. He’s managed to leave his room a few times recently in order to do some set and lighting design for us, and star in his semi-autobiographical play, Music Sounds Better Out Here.

When not working with Squash Co. Jack is a house writer for the Cold War history podcast Since the World’s Been Turning, and a staff member at AroVideo. He is also a client of Playmarket.

Notable works and Achievements


Shortlisted Twice, Playwrights b4 25, Playmarket, 2022. For both Music Sounds Better Out Here and The Adults are Talking
Playwright, Set Designer - The Adults are Talking - Squash Co. Arts Collective - Bats Theatre - 7-11 June 2022
Playwright, Performer and Real Life Inspiration - Music Sounds Better Out Here - Squash Co. Arts Collective - Bats Theatre - Wellington Fringe 2022
Lighting Designer and Operator - Cuffs, Stockings, and Three Smoking Barrels - Squash Co. Arts Collective - Te Auaha - Wellington Fringe 2021