Ben Kelly

Ben (he/him) is the greatest squash player in the world. That's what he claims but in reality he is only the best squash player in Squash Co. which to be honest isn't a particularly impressive achievement. Ben is desperately holding onto the dream that he isn't balding, but that dream is slowly fading away along with his hairline.
He also holds a world record for speed painting.

Ben is one of Squash Co.'s regular musicians, regularly being hailed as a 'multi-instrumentalist'. Although that sounds like he is mediocre at a lot of instruments, he actually graduated from NZSM with a BMus in jazz piano performance as well as a BA in theatre in 2022. 

Notable Works


Composer/Sound Designer - Ted Talks Crimes - BATS Theatre - May 2023
Sound Designer/Operator - Land of the Long Long Drive - Circa Theatre - April 2023
Composer/Sound Designer - OnlyBones v1.10 - Te Auaha - Wellington Fringe 2023
Composer/Sound Designer - ratKing - BATS Theatre - Wellington Fringe 2023
Sound Designer - Skin Tight - Circa Theatre 2022
Actor - The Adults are Talking - Squash Co. Arts Collective - BATS Theatre - 7-11 June 2022
Director/Musician - Music Sounds Better out Here - Squash Co. Arts Collective - BATS Theatre - Wellington Fringe 2022
Musical Director - Smilestuff - Te Auaha - Wellington Fringe 2022
Musical Director - Cuffs, Stockings and Two Smokin' Barrels - Squash Co. Arts Collective - Te Auaha - Wellington Fringe 2021
Band/Cast member - How to Write an Album in 12 Hours - Studio 77 - Wellington Fringe 2018
Founding Member - Lying Chef
Composer and Performer - Bell Boi