One Night Band

Created by Lia Kelly

Produced by Squash Co. Arts Collective

April 15th 2023, BATS Theatre

Thirteen hours. Twelve songs. Six musicians. A whole lot of audience members. One album.

Over thirteen hours, our team of musicians will work with you to write, record, and mix an entire album from scratch. With each new song a different rule or “spark” is used to challenge the band and gather creative content. Using your input, we’ll work together to write and record a new song every hour, on the hour for 12 hours before enjoying a drink at the bar and listening back to our brand new album.

The re-branded revival season of One Night Band was a huge success. We created a varied album with songs ranging from a classical war song, to a cowboy ballad to an elephant's lullaby.

You can listen to the album here


‘One Night Band’ was originally created by your MC Lia Kelly as ‘How to Write an Album’ in 2018. During the development season we took home the NZ Fringe PANNZ Tourmakers award, the NZ Fringe Most Innovative Work award, and a nomination for the NZ Fringe Best Directed Chaos award