Phoebe Caldeiro


Phoebe Caldeiro (she/her) currently has the worst eyesight of any Squash Co member so it’s a good thing she doesn’t do any lighting operation. Being the newest recruit in the Squash Co family, Phoebe brings good tunes, bad lungs and the rare combination of gender AND ethnical diversity to the mix. She’s not very good at Squash but as long as she’s better than Jack McGee she’ll be okay.

Phoebe thought completing a Bachelor of Music in Instrumental and Vocal Composition (with a specialisation in Film Scoring) wouldn’t be enough to get her jobs, so she also got a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre, thus making her employability even lower. BUT she has the exact qualifications to compose music for theatre so that’s what she does. You can catch her crying to a beautiful orchestral arrangement or a spicy chord progression in her spare time, and belting out the same 12 musical theatre soundtracks she’s listened to on repeat for the past 5 years.

Outside of Squash Co, Phoebe is an active and founding member of Comedy Gold, a theatre company focused on delivering the highest amount of laughs per minute of any show that performs in the exact same time and exact same venue as their show.

Notable works

Actor and Producer – The Adults Are Talking –  Squash Co. Arts Collective – BATS Theatre - 7-11 June 2022
Actor, Composer and Writer – When Booty Calls – Comedy Gold - BATS Theatre - June 2021 and Gryphon Theatre - Wellington Fringe 2022
Composer and Musician – Music Sounds Better Out Here – Squash Co. Arts Collective -  BATS Theatre - Wellington Fringe 2022
Sound Designer and Operator – The Eternal Queers – A Wellington Pride Theatre Production - March 2021
Assistant Musical Director, Composer and Actor – This Is Fine: The Musical – Theatre of Love - Studio 77 - Wellington Fringe 2021