Cuffs, Stockings and Two Smokin' Barrels

Written and Directed by Finlay Langelaan


A cheating wife, a husband recovering his sight, a terrified femboy and a particularly unlucky burglar. These are the people that find themselves stuck in the same house for Finlay Langelaan's "Cuffs". Antics and shenanigans ensue, both farcical and heartfelt, all set to the backdrop of Ben Kelly's wonderful jazz score. 

Squash Co's first Fringe show, Cuffs was a critical success, being hailed as 'riotous' and 'like theatre on adrenaline'. While undoubtedly imperfect, it made for an excellent learning experience and a major landmark in our company's history. Watch this space; nothing is ever truly over and Cuffs may yet rear it's ugly head for a second run.

Cast and Crew 

Roger: Esteban Jamarillo 
Cathy: Anna Barker 
Peter: Caleb Blair Hill 
Damien: Jett Ranchhod 
Bonnie: Karen Anslow 

Writer & Director: Finlay Langelaan 
Musical Director: Ben Kelly 
Stage Management: George Cave 
Designer/Operator: Jack McGee 

Jazz Quartet: 
Aidan McCulloch - Tenor Sax
Ben Kelly - Piano
Elijah Mulheron - Bass
Rafe Swan - Drums