Anna Barker

Anna Barker (she/her) is a Wellington-based creative and has the second-largest forehead in Squash Co. Recently graduating from Victoria University with a Master of Fine Arts (CP) in theatre specialising in acting, Anna is one of the founding members with key interests in acting, producing, and is an email-writing superfan.

As well as Squash Co, Anna is also a founding member of feminist theatre company Heartbreaker Productions as well as Imaginaries Theatre. 
Contrary to the name of Squash Co, Barker has only played Squash a handful of times, instead having a keen interest in handball (no, not the one you’re thinking of). She plays for Victoria University and is constantly trying to spread the good word, you know it's actually a really fun sport, you see--  

Notable Works

Actor, Assistant Director- The Adults are Talking - Squash Co. Arts Collective - BATS Theatre - 7-11 June 2022
Player - MILK OF THE GODS - New Zealand Theatre Live - Gryphon Theatre -  Wellington Fringe 2022
Producer, Stage Manager -  Music Sounds Better Out Here - Squash Co. Arts Collective - BATS Theatre - Wellington Fringe 2022
Actor, devisor - PAPER JAM - Imaginaries Theatre - BATS Theatre -  As part of the 6 Degrees Festival 2022   
Assistant Stage Manager - HIR - Circa Theatre -  2021 
Actor, scenographer - Conversations With The Ghost In My Bedroom - Heartbreaker Productions - Gryphon Theatre - Wellington Fringe 2021 
Actor - Cuffs, Stockings, and Three Smoking Barrels - Squash Co. Arts Collective - Te Auaha - Wellington Fringe 2021