Music Sounds Better Out Here

Written by and Starring Jack McGee
Directed by Ben Kelly


"Music Sounds Better Out Here by Squash Co. Arts Collective is a storytelling marvel. Everything from set to animation to script to performance is spectacular."
- Jenny Nimon, Art Murmurs

Robert McGee missed your birthday and he isn’t thrilled about it. You just had to be born twenty-one years in advance of the grandest adventure of his lifetime. He has manufactured his own real-life heroes journey - a month-long walk, from Wellington to Auckland. Armed only with a treadmill and his trusty headphones, Robert is going to tell you all about the trip, and through it, hopefully, get at some of the stuff he wanted to tell you at your 21st. 
Squash Co’s second time up to the plate was a smash hit. Receiving rave reviews, the show was a hotly talked about fixture of the 2022 Wellington Fringe, and served as part of Most Promising Emerging Artist winner Jacob Banks’s legendary three show festival, alongside Wendybird and MILK OF THE GODS. Keep an eye on our social media to see when it’s returning to a theatre near you.

Squash Co. toured Music Sounds Better Out Here down to Christchurch's Little Andromeda (29th September - 1st October 2022).

Art Murmurs

Cast and Crew
Robert McGee - Jack McGee
Various - George Cave
Director/Musician - Ben Kelly
Producer/Stage Manager - Anna Barker
Musical Director/Musician - Phoebe Caldeiro
Projection Designer - Jacob Banks
Set and Lighting Designer - Finlay Langelaan
Marketing Manager - Abby Lyons
Written by - Jack McGee (with help from a LOT of other people.)
Marketing Images - Jack Warren