The Application

Adapted from Harold Pinter's The Applicant

Co Directed by Esteban Jaramillo and George Cave


Squash Co’s unofficial first show was an adaptation of Harold Pinter's The Applicant, while we were still undergraduates at Victoria University, entitled The Application. Back then we were known as CildWats, and the team consisted of Anna, Esteban, George, Finlay, and Jack. 

Co-directed by Esteban and George, The Application followed the basic storyline as the original text, with Lamb (Langelaan) being interviewed for a job by Piffs (Barker). The interview then takes an unexpected wild turn. It turns into an interrogation as Piffs begins berating Lamb with questions surrounding his masculinity and insecurity, while torturing him with electrodes wired to the headset on his head, until he dies. 


The Application was a big success, and we could prove this to you if we all still had access to our grades and feedback online from our teachers. However we do not, so here are some awesome photos instead showing off Jack and Finlays incredible set design!

Photos Courtesy of Victoria University of Wellington Theatre Department