Squash Co. Bulletin - September 2022

Squash Co. Bulletin - September 2022

Squash Co Bulletin - September 2022

Kia Ora Squash Co Friends and Whanau,

We’re currently in Ōtautahi getting ready for our second season of Music Sounds Better Out Here. It’s selling well, which we’re stoked about, and Little Andromeda have been amazing to work with. They’ll be more on this next month, but this month we thought it’d be fun to get all of Squash Co. to answer the question…

What is your favourite theatre show you’ve ever been to?

Phoebe: Tap Head: It’s a man with a tap head spouting endless dad jokes, hilarious visual gags, and stand up: what’s not to love? One of those shows where even if you don’t remember the content years later, you’ll still remember the warm ache of your ribs from laughing the whole time.

Jack: I’m going to cheat and give three. This season of “Skin Tight” that just finished because duh. “The Best Show In Town Is At Your Place Everynight” which is a solo show I saw Jonny Potts do at BATS a couple of years back about Wellington Video Shops. I’m dead on the target audience for it, and it’s a huge inspiration for “Music Sounds Better Out Here”. Finally, I saw Sam Brooks’ “Wine Lips” at BATS in high school and thought all theatre was gonna be that good. I wish.

Esteban: Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark Immeasurably beautiful and Intense, Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark is the best form of Spiderman adaptation. Thrillingly original, with jaw droppingly stunning lyrics from U2 alumni Bono and The Edge. See it when you can!

Anna: Recently, one of my favourites was Sarah Harpur’s The Shit Kid as part of TAHI 2022. Harpurs piece had me in stitches with an all too “god New Zealand is so small” touch, I know all of these people. An absoutle riot it’s also got me longing to ride a horse

Ben: Fred is cold. This was a show on at bats around 2016-2017. It was about a couple going through issues, and the fridge in their apartment could talk. He was called Fred, but could only talk to the male character (I can't remember his name). The show was kind of about the male character confiding in Fred, and working through his relationship problems whilst simultaneously helping Fred work through his mental health issues. It was awesome, beautiful and very moving.

Finlay: Troy Eats A Can Of Beans In Fifty Minutes; not because it's the best single piece of theatre I've been to, but because it's the most impressive execution of a ridiculous concept I've ever seen.

It's easy to make good theatre with a solid premise; it's much more difficult to make good theatre with an absurd premise.

George: Krishna’s Dairy. The professionalism and execution just blew me away.

As always thanks for your support, and we’ll see you on the court.

Squash Co xo

Stuff to See

Music Sounds Better out Here - Little Andromeda, Christchurch, 29th of September to 1st of October


The storytelling marvel of NZ Fringe 2022 comes to Canterbury, with Squash Co. doing their first tour to the South Island. Come to see Jack McGee's Semi-Autobiographical story of walking from Wellington to Auckland along State Highway One, stay for him getting physically exhausted by walking on a treadmill for an hour. 


Cocked and Loaded - BATS, Wellington, 25th to 29th of October.


Cocked and Loaded is the latest action-comedy-romance from Comedy Gold featuring their trademark fight choreography, physical comedy and visual and audio gags. Inspired by the ‘thistownaintbigenoughforthetwoofus’ Western genre, this show brings us the best of cowboys, playing into the tropes while also aiming to subvert them.

Secret Squash Co Project - Wellington, First Quarter 2023.

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