Squash Co. Bulletin - October 2022

Squash Co. Bulletin - October 2022

October Bulletin

Kia Ora Squash Co friends and whanau,

We’ve returned from Christchurch victorious, having had a fantastic time doing Music Sounds Better Out Here again at Little Andromeda. It was our first tour, we learnt a lot, and were overall pretty blown away by the turnout we received. The Christchurch arts scene is actually off the hook, Little Andromeda are unbelievably good to work with, and we can’t wait to go back.

We’re still just a little bit off being able to announce our next two projects, but they’re all but locked in and will happen early next year. We can say, they’re both experiments in form and unlike anything we’ve done before as a company. We can’t wait until we can share the, with you.

Now while on tour, a substantial amount of time was spent being driven around by Ben in the Kelly family van (thanks Kellys). Of course when you’ve got time on the road, you’ve got to have a banging playlist and thus Squash Music was born. With additions from every member of the company, there was certainly a lot of conflict over what songs got skipped. In the end a set of rules were formed. In order to skip a song you needed a 5/1 majority. If anyone stood up to defend someone else's song, the song would stay. Unfortunately for the rest of us both Finlay and George like Ska.

Here is a song picked by each of us who were on the tour, with some of their thoughts on it. 

Ben - Party and Bullshit - The Notorious B.I.G

It's super fun and bops hard. It was biggies first big single so its from when hes doing fun party songs instead of more introspective stuff. It's just a jam with a really sick hook.

Anna - Cruel - Dane Rumble

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love this song. It’s one of those song that we, particularly those who grew up in New Zealand 2010, that you can just scream sing in the car.

I love this song because it takes me back to a simpler time of school disco‘s, after school tv shows, poptropica on the family computer. Nostalgia factor aside, it’s also just objectively a great song.

Finlay - Any song - AJR

If I had any respect for Jack McGee in regards to music, I would tell you that "Sun Goes Down" by David Jordan is my favourite song on the Squash Co playlist, because it is an absolute banger, and because it has been played by my family for longer than I can remember. It is a song that never fails to lift my mood. However, I have no respect for Jack McGee's opinion on music, and I wish to take this opportunity to mock him, so go and listen to anything by AJR.

Phoebe - In the Summertime - Thirsty Merc

I really liked a song called “In The Summertime” by Thirsty Merc and had some high hopes putting it in the tour playlist with lyrics like “take me back to the sweet times, hot nights, everything’s gonna be alright in the summertime”. But it got veto-ed so many times and called “probably a Finlay pick” that I removed it in shame. I thought it had the perfect vibe for a week on tour with friends, but it wasn’t even given a CHANCE. Everything will not be alright in the summertime. I will forever be salty.

George - Candy Everybody Wants - 1000 Maniacs

Candy Everybody Wants by 10000 Maniacs. Other than being a really good song it didn’t have any extra significance to me until it was played in Christchurch. I won’t explain it all, but it played an integral part in me winning Best Joke of the trip (the list of nominations was made up entirely of my gags not even joking)

Jack - Doritos and Fritos - 100 Gecs

Song bangs. Only good Ska song. Catch me at Laneway next year in a wizard hat Geccing out. 

Stuff to see

Homemade Takeaways - BATS, Wellington, 22nd of November to 3rd of December. 


A Dunedin-based drummer suddenly uproots his job and city; a recently dumped self-help expert is self-destructing; a primary school teacher wants to write violent children’s fiction; and a thirty-one year old, skateboarding, Emma Thompson-obsessed man-child is sleeping on the couch. A comedy-drama set in small-town New Zealand. Anna is stage managing!

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